Monday, December 21, 2009

Too sweet for ya!

I swear I understand why people gain weight during the holidays. I literally crave for sweets SO MUCH!!! I used to be a salty over sweet gal, but now my sweet tooth is taking over! I had a serving of green tea ice cream and cream puff today at the buffet for lunch, but after dinner, I wanted something sweet again so I had a cup of yogurt with chocolate chips and 2 bite size heath bars! And then I had a mini Hershey's dark chocolate with rice crisp and a Gobstopper candy cane. My blood sugar is definitely reaching the danger zone... my poor poor body has to overwork itself to produce all that insulin to carry the glucose into the cells... and then the rest get stored as triglycerides in fat :( GREAT.....!!! I know all this info, yet I still do it!

At least I'm going to run tomorrow morning! I like to balance my unhealthy sweet diet with good exercise =) I got a new running shirt so it should be super duper fun! I need a new running route... I'm getting bored with mine now!!

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