Monday, January 18, 2010


Now that I'm entering my last semester of college ever, I find it appropriate to develop a new blog that will be focused on my journey to the next stage of my life. Perhaps it will be my road to become a registered dietitian, perhaps not, I have no idea what's in store for me, but follow me on Manna From the Sky at Wordpress, and you'll be sure to see how my life is changing! :D

Friday, January 15, 2010

My 5 miler

for tomorrow....!!!! Wish me luck!

By the way, I'm trying to transfer to wordpress right now... any idea on how to do it???

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a 1/2

Gotta start my half marathon training! I'm going to follow Hal Higdon's half marathon training schedule. I used his to train for the 10K, and I did fine, so I'm pretty sure I'll be fully trained using his for the half marathon as well.

I'm going to play around with what days I run/ stretch and strengthen though. Like, today I couldn't run 3 miles, so I just cross-trained (walked a LOT) instead. I'm excited to start running again tomorrow... I haven't ran in SO long!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quite the week

It's been awhile.

This past week was quite hectic due to my last VISION conference which lasted from the 4th to the 7th! VISION is a NY/NJ region Christian conference, hosted by Korea Campus Crusade for Christ, that invites students to come and learn more about their faith in God, deepen their relationship with Jesus, and find accountability with other students. I have been to all 4 VISIONS throughout my college career, and I can't believe this was my last as a senior! I only remember attending it as a freshman...

Seniorsss wha whaaaat!

VISION had some great speakers, including Steve Douglass (the president of Campus Crusade for Christ International) and Pastor Stephen Um from Citylife Church in Boston, MA. Pastor Stephen Um spoke at the last VISION and really challenged me, so it was exciting to know that I'd get the chance to hear him again! As expected, his sermons were challenging and inspiring, and my small group even got a chance to score a picture with him (dedicated to me because I was sick on the 3rd day!).

DPD plus Bungfy

I'm still pretty exhausted and a little sick, but can't stop for rest because of work. I regret not taking a full week off, but what can I do. It's better than being lazy.

I haven't had much of an appetite since I got sick. So my meals are a bit boring. Maybe once I get better, I'll spice them up again.

On another note, I finally registered for the World Vision Half Marathon in April (thanks Chaka!)!!!! Let the training begin :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Happy first Sunday of 2010!

I decided to help and teach the tadpoles at church again over break, and I am so glad I did. I didn't realize how much I missed these cute little chickadees!! Especially my fave ETHAN, even though we're not supposed to have favorites hehehe. It is so crazy to see these tadpoles growing up so quickly now though. I remember when Ethan always used to look worried/sad and never talked, but now he is a talking, happy boy!

Here are the cutie patooties:
Tadpoles in class. From top right, going clockwise: Jisae, Elizabeth, Hanah, and Iain.

Bung and Ethan rocking in style. Ethan's the cuter one of course :P

Food-wise... I had a lot of good eats! Breakfast consisted of skim milk with Trader Joe's Soy & Flax Clusters, pumpkin seeds, and raisins. Lunch was provided at church! I had some broccoli bowtie pasta and a macadamia nut chocolate brought from Hawaii by Pastor Mark. I had more food during the 2nd fellowship hour... I ate some communion bread (egg challah... love that stuff!) and another macadamia nut chocolate. Seriously, chocolate is the death of me now... I gained some pounds 'cause of this stuff!! And now I'm munching on some Trader Joe's nonfat Greek yogurt with Puffins Peanut Butter cereal and heated apple chunks. Nom nom nom. Food makes this girl sure happy. =)

No pictures! Please excuse the laziness :P Once I buy my new camera and everything, then expect LOADS!!! Now I'm really tired and want to pass out, but I should finish my personal statement before going off to VISION 2010 tomorrow... My last Vision and hopefully the BEST!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Joyeux nouvelle anniversaire!

I'm not sure if that's grammatically correct to say "Happy New Year" en fran├žais, but you get the gist. Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2010 already. I'm graduating this year. I turn 22 this year. Gross.

No pictures of anything today... sorry to the visual-oriented readers. What I do have is a list of 2010 goals for y'all to read though. Goals are good. Goals push me. And I need to be pushed, or I'm the laziest girl alive. So yes, be excited and read my goals for this year, and be motivated to make your own!!!!

2010 Goals, holla:
  1. Pray to God daily as soon as I wake up. Dedicate the coming day to Him. I used to do this, but I slowly allowed the busyness of my life to deceive me in thinking that I had no time for God. Lies, all lies! God > anything on this Earth.
  2. Try to go to Morning Prayer 2x a week. This is about discipline.
  3. Join a Morningside small group. I need to be spiritually fed yum yum.
  4. Practice yoga at least 3x a week. I need to strengthen my body!
  5. Run a half marathon. I'm registering for the World Vision one for April! EEKS!
  6. Do your best in everything. No indifference allowed!
  7. Try to cook at least 1x a week. Let's improve my cooking skills shall we?
  8. Call a friend 1x a day. I know it's sad to write this as a goal, but I'm so horrible at calling. I can work on this.
  9. Volunteer somewhere, hopefully at a private practice or fitness center. Give back to the community.
  10. Get to know my professors. They're cool people. Don't feel intimidated.

Also, some potential plans for this coming year:

  1. Visit Molly in North Carolina. THE SOUTH baby!
  2. Visit Megan in Arkansas. This is being accomplished because I'm going there for spring break woot woot!
  3. Travel abroad to Europe. Hopefully I can do this in the summer. I must, I must.
  4. Practice my writing and grammar skills.

That's my 2010 goals and plans. I'm excited for this year. Let's make it a success!