Wednesday, August 12, 2009

all about cheese and bread baby!

This entry is dedicated to one of my good friends, JUICE aka Dumber. Hollatcha son!

Okay, so I came back almost two weeks ago from a very beautiful city: Zurich, Switzerland! It was my first time in Europe, so the trip was such an eye-opener.

I loved everything about Switzerland. I loved the atmosphere, the culture, the food, the people. I loved the lifestyles they lead, so free and laidback. I loved how active they are. And I loved seeing God's beauty in the environment. Blue skies and vibrant green everywhere! Sparkling clean water!

Sigh, I really miss the country. Anyways, the FOOD.... oh my goodness, the food was AMAZING. It was so so fresh and natural. As a student studying nutrition, I must say that the Swiss people are very healthy, for the most part, because they eat food that is fresh and unadulterated, and they are very active.

My favorite food in Switzerland actually was the cheapest things ever! I loved the brie cheese and freshly baked artisinal bread. Give me those two and a glass of milk, and I'll be a happy duck. A wedge of brie cheese is around $2 whereas in the States, it's $6! And a loaf of bread is around $3. I think I'd survive fine in Switzerland, despite it being known as a relatively expensive place to live.

Even though these two products were cheap, the quality was awesome. The brie cheese was so creamy and buttery that it spread so smoothly on the bread! And I mean, freshly baked bread? Anyone knows that warm, rustic bread is the best. Also, the milk was by far the creamiest one I've drunk in my life. So creamy that two glasses would make my tummy feel funny... (and I'm normally not lactose intolerant).

Dairy is actually really big in Switzerland. The Swiss people love their chocolate and cheese! Our team got to try two famous Swiss dishes while we were there: cheese fondue and raclette. Cheese fondue is like chocolate fondue, except instead of dipping fruits into a pot of melted chocolate, you dip potatoes and bread into a pot of melted cheese. It's very yummy and heavy for the stomach because of all that cheese. Raclette is similar, except you use a special Raclette machine (almost like a portable broiler) to melt a thick slice of raclette cheese and then you scrape it over potatoes and meat. This dish is extremely satisfying.


View of Old Zurich at night.

Bratwurst is a very popular meat here (another common Swiss meal).

Different types of CHEESES we tried in Locarno, a city very close to Italy.

Different meats.

Enjoying a nice picnic by the lake. Cheese, bread, bratwurst, grilled veggies... talk about heaven!

Tea and coffee are common to have after a meal. Yummy!

Swiss people love sunflowers and so do I!

I don't have my pictures of the cheese fondue and raclette on my mac yet, but as soon as I do, I'll update!