Sunday, March 1, 2009

baking frenzy

I've been baking a lot these days,
maybe a new hobby?

Today I baked raisin scones for my mom. She's been obsessed with those Panera blueberry scones, but I know those are chock-full of butter and sugar.

So I decided to make her my own version: healthier and better!

They were so.... so... SO

buttery, and
rich in flavor!!!

Next project: peanut butter and jelly muffins or avocado muffins????? 
What will inspire me to BAKE!


I find fusion food to be so fascinating. I have been thinking for awhile that Korean food mixed into American would do quite well... the not so familiar with familiar.

Too bad someone did it first =( I will bring it to the East Coast soon enough....
but for now, check this link out:

I want to make a Korean-style "white manna" and "baoguette" on the east coast.