Sunday, March 1, 2009

baking frenzy

I've been baking a lot these days,
maybe a new hobby?

Today I baked raisin scones for my mom. She's been obsessed with those Panera blueberry scones, but I know those are chock-full of butter and sugar.

So I decided to make her my own version: healthier and better!

They were so.... so... SO

buttery, and
rich in flavor!!!

Next project: peanut butter and jelly muffins or avocado muffins????? 
What will inspire me to BAKE!


chaka said...

avocado muffins sound mad good. and i think my stomach should inspire you to bake :) haha jk. your baked goods look delishhhhhh

jenso said...

omg hyem. the way you make my stomach growl ever so loudly... hahahaha. i miss seeing you in your kitchen! i shall invade your apartment once again, as soon as i return to nyc. <3 please update some more pictures on your baked goodies!

Postmaster said...

avocado muffins?