Monday, July 28, 2008

Say hello New York City!

Praise God, for I am now the proud owner of an apartment in NYC- only the greatest city in the world! God is so good because He really did provide my roommates and me such a good apartment for such a sweet deal; plus, the location is amazing- our view outside the bedroom is Herald Square's Macys, and we have a nice balcony as well. We get rooftop access and the view up there is absolutely breathtaking because we see the Empire State Building right in front of us! I'm so excited now because now the roomies and I can move from step one (find apartment) to step two (decorate apartment)!!! This is going to be awesome.

I really am so happy, thanks to God. After coming back from missions, I have solidified who I am as a person, and I realize that God is such a huge part of my identity. And I love it. It's nothing to be ashamed about. He made me in His image, and my self-worth, my value does not depend on how others view me, or how I interact with others. It's all about me and God baby! :-)

It's pretty late right now, so I can't get into any more specific details, but I just wanted to say God is good!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back with an appetite!

Hello, hello to the few readers I have out there! I wanted to announce the news that I am back at my humble abode in America with a heartier appetite than ever! Since my return, I have been doing nothing but eating, eating, eating. Just the other night, I was able to catch up on my craving for chicken and rice; it was good as always :-)

Besides that, I have been not doing much- just apartment searching in the city, but it's been pretty rough man. Because of that, I haven't been able to experiment cooking or write about my food experiences at all... especially about all the scrumptious food I ate in Korea!

No worries though, I'll have this thing up and running again in no time. Please be patient with me just until I find myself an apartment!

Thanks, and with much love,