Friday, July 3, 2009

kmart flashlights to chinatown dim sum & i<3ny t-shirts

Look! Two updates in a row! I'm doing pretty well, considering I'll be mia for the next three weeks (I'll be in Switzerland). Of course, once I get back, I'll do a massive, HUGE update all about Zurich, but maybe this is just my big mouth talking and I'll never come around to actually write the entry. No, I'll do it. I promise.

So once again I find myself in the city today. Commuting to the city is so tiring, and now I realize that I probably would have never survived commuting back and forth to NYU from Jersey. So I'm glad I didn't follow through with my thoughts about commuting. I would've died. Literally.

I came into the city today to go shopping with my missions team; we needed to buy gifts and flashlights. We met in front of the Union Square Whole Foods, where I bought an iced coffee-tea. Weird right? An iced coffee blended with tea? Anyways, it tasted alright, nothing too special about it. The description for it sounded a lot more appetizing. Once everyone got to Whole Foods, we bought some flashlights at Kmart and then proceeded to walk to Chinatown to get some dimsum and gifts! I was really happy and surprised because no one seemed to mind that we were walking to Chinatown. Whew. If they were my school friends, we definitely would've ended up taking the subway. Which is lame. 

Dimsum in Chinatown was good, but we couldn't get a lot of dishes because we came towards the end. Still, we got plates of mantou (steamed white bun) with sweet egg paste, beef chow mein, shrimp chow fun dumplings, and beef chow fun dumplings. Everything was quite yummy and reminded me of Beijing. I miss China... but I can't wait for Switzerland!! My favorite dish out of those four was the mantou. Then again, no surprise there since I love bread and mantou especially is so yummy because it's steamed and the interior is fluffy! Fluffy bread! YUM :-)

After dimsum, we stopped by the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. FINALLY, I got to see this place. I've always wanted to go, but never found it. It's a lot smaller than I thought. I thought it'd be like... a factory. I was being silly I guess :-(

The ice cream factory has a lot of interesting flavors, but Eve and I ended up sharing the taro and coconut. YUMMY!! I LOOVE ice cream, and it was perfect because I was craving it. 

I will post pictures up as soon as I upload them. I only want to post this entry because I'm greedy and want to seem like I'm consistent in my post entries lol.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I ate enough chicken to feed the 500

There is always something about me and food. Always a new adventure, a new happening in which I'm not sure exactly how the meal will play out. It's totally a "Man vs. Food" thing. Will food win this round or MAN?

My mum makes really yummy dishes with chicken. Last night she made chicken marinated in kochujang (korean red chili paste). I couldn't wait to try it! So naturally when I woke up (around 11:30 am), I decided to have some of my mum's chicken for lunch. That was a good meal- chicken, rice, clam miyukgook (seaweed soup), and dried squid for banchan. I'd show you a picture of the delish meal, but of course, I ate it before taking a pic! 

I spent the afternoon with one of my oldest friends Monica; we went shopping at the mall and then visited her mom's nail salon to get our nails done. Bright orange finger nails! Orange-red toe nails! Oh the excitement!! 

I don't get home 'til seven though, and by this point, I'm hungry, but surprisingly not famished, even though my last meal had been noon. I guess I don't know how to read my own body's hunger cues yet because I must've been a LOT hungrier than I  thought. 

I downed another normal portion of chicken teriyaki, rice, miyukgook, and dried squid. That should've been good enough, BUT my mom must have planned the death of me because she decided to FRY some chicken. How can I resist FRIED CHICKEN?! So I totally devour another complete meal of fried chicken. Sigh.

I'm full, I'm good, but something... something... is missing. Dessert! My body wants something sweet! This, I blame my ex-roomies. I used to never want sweets! NEVER! Now I seem to crave sweet things a lot. So I end up eating the rest of my double chocolate cookie crisps that I originally made for my parents. Go me -__-

Food has won the battle for today. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Double chocolate cookie crisps

I know it's been awhile. Alright, a long while. I've been so caught up with life-- school, internship, team meetings for my summer mission trip!!! I haven't been able to bake or cook in such a long time, so of course I couldn't update my food blog.

But now I'm back... right before I leave on a month-long mission trip to Switzerland. I know, perfect timing as usual. Oh well, what can I do. This is how I work, and y'all are just going to have to deal!

So last week (or was it two weeks ago?), I was really craving something chocolatey and yummy. Naturally, I decided to bake using the materials I got in my kitchen! The result: melted Three Musketeer bars, cocoa powder chocolatey goodness! Yum, yum, yum.

This picture doesn't do my cookies justice! I should've plated them, but you know me, I just didn't want to spare a clean dish just to take pictures. So there you go, my double chocolate cookie crisps pictured on aluminum foil :-)

1 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup white sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/4 cup of melted butter
1 egg white
Three musketeer bars, melted (however many you want to use; I used six)

1. Cream together the melted butter and sugars. This incorporates air into the butter and adds an airy factor to the cookies.
2. Add in the egg white and mix.

3. In another bowl, mix together the flour and cocoa powder.

4. Slowly add the flour mixture into the melted butter and sugars, in 3 batches.

5. Fold in the melted Three Musketeer bars.

6. Make small cookie balls and place on a baking pan sprayed with oil (to prevent them from sticking).

7. Place in a preheated oven of 350 F. Bake for 12-15 minutes. Enjoy!