Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quite the week

It's been awhile.

This past week was quite hectic due to my last VISION conference which lasted from the 4th to the 7th! VISION is a NY/NJ region Christian conference, hosted by Korea Campus Crusade for Christ, that invites students to come and learn more about their faith in God, deepen their relationship with Jesus, and find accountability with other students. I have been to all 4 VISIONS throughout my college career, and I can't believe this was my last as a senior! I only remember attending it as a freshman...

Seniorsss wha whaaaat!

VISION had some great speakers, including Steve Douglass (the president of Campus Crusade for Christ International) and Pastor Stephen Um from Citylife Church in Boston, MA. Pastor Stephen Um spoke at the last VISION and really challenged me, so it was exciting to know that I'd get the chance to hear him again! As expected, his sermons were challenging and inspiring, and my small group even got a chance to score a picture with him (dedicated to me because I was sick on the 3rd day!).

DPD plus Bungfy

I'm still pretty exhausted and a little sick, but can't stop for rest because of work. I regret not taking a full week off, but what can I do. It's better than being lazy.

I haven't had much of an appetite since I got sick. So my meals are a bit boring. Maybe once I get better, I'll spice them up again.

On another note, I finally registered for the World Vision Half Marathon in April (thanks Chaka!)!!!! Let the training begin :)


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