Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hittin' the double digits!

Today I woke up to do the biggest run of my life- a 10.2 MILER!!!

I planned the route last night before I went to sleep. It was a little daunting, I'm not going to lie, looking at how long the route was, but I was pretty sure that I could run it. This is the route I made for myself: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3376339

Overall, the run took approximately 2 hours. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad time, but I don't care. This was my first time running 10 miles, and I'm darn proud that I was able to do it! I ran at a slow pace, so I wasn't tired or out of breath. And the scenery was nice so I didn't really get bored, but towards the end of the run, I really just wanted it to be over and go back home. 2 hours is a long time to be running...

After my long run, I quickly came home, got some lunch together, and then went out to do some of my dietetic application stuff. And then I had to go gift shopping for our Secret Santa exchange the roomies and I are having. I think I got a pretty sweet gift for my Secret Santa, hint hint.

For our own little Secret Santa party, I made rabokki (ramyun + ddukbokki)!! It has ramyun, dduk, fishcakes, sausage, and onions in it. Yum yum yum, it is oh-so-delicious!!!! =)

Hannah was my Secret Santa; I got a Starbucks gift card, yay! And then she got us some treats from Dylan's... peppermint chocolate rice crispy and caramel flavored with cinnamon, chipotle, and cumin. Quite interesting right? I wasn't sure if the flavors would work, but they blended in with the caramel quite wonderfully! I wish the cumin was stronger though... I love cumin!! And don't even get me started about the rice crispy; it was SO SO scrumptious!!!!
I'm sorry I don't have pictures of everything yet! I uploaded them, but I'm at home in New Jersey right now and didn't bring my laptop. I'll do a huge picture entry soon~
Until then, hope you have a great night!

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Young said...

Congrats on breaking the 10 mile barrier! At this point, you can pretty much run any distance!