Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas and I'm...

totally bored at my own house. Merry christmas by the way. Forgive me for the rather blasé attitude.

I woke up this morning around 8 to go on a nice and friendly run with my pops. Brrr, it was a cold and chilly run! Towards the end, I got all sweaty though, so it wasn't so bad running in my own sweat... riiiight. Jumped into a hot shower right away, and that made things all better!

Our family has a tradition of always going to church on Christmas Day. We rushed to pick up my aunt and cousins, and then off to Oakland! I'm not a huge fan of Christmas service, only because it's all in Korean. Now I can read and understand Korean, but Korean services are the death of me. I can't understand 99.1% of the time, so I was muchos grateful when there was a translator for us 2nd generation noobs.

So, here's a subject I'd like to diverge on... I've always been super duper jealous of all those families that have actual Christmas traditions: the whole "waking up Christmas morning and opening gifts together" shebang. My family is nothing like that... and I want that! Too bad we're all so freakin' stoic, and we don't like to express ourselves, at least to one another. It's nice to have my aunt and cousins here in America now though. We ate Christmas lunch together, a feast of Korean appetizers and traditional dduk gook plus steamed crabs! It was deeeelicious.

Now I'm home and I'm bored. My dog is playing around with a soda can and making a ruckus. I'm online shopping, and I want so many things. I think I may invite my cousins to go watch Avatar with me later... yeahh... that sounds like a plan.

Did I say Merry Christmas already? Merry Christmas!

This is melt-in-your-mouth, truly fantabulous Belgian chocolate from the aunt... oh geez, chocolate is the death of me.

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