Monday, November 9, 2009

Tryin' to be money efficient

I'm currently at my fieldwork site (EHMC) right now in Jersey. I love being here, even though sometimes the work seems tedious and useless. In the end, I know I'm helping out Joanne (the chief clinical dietitian), so as long as I can be a help, that's alright with me.

So, this month, I've already spent a good portion of my budget money going out for meals. All these birthdays is making me spend lots of money! That's why for this week, I didn't even go grocery shopping really, and I decided to make use of the things I have at home.

My recipes for this week: fire-roasted peppers and onions quinoa and teriyaki grilled chicken. I also have some oatmeal left to make me some hot pipin' oatmeal breakfast! And eggs, how can I forget my delicious, brown, CAGE-FREE eggs. Note the emphasis on CAGE-FREE!!! Everyone should buy cage-free eggs because otherwise you're supporting these poor chickens that are cooped into tiny pens. Did you know that they are injected with tons of antibiotics so that they don't get sick from one another's poop and urine in those tiny pens? So inhumane... so stop supporting these kinds of animal-farm institutions!!

I went for a run this morning right before coming to EHMC, and I ran 3 miles! A 3-mile run got nothin' on me now! I am positive now that I can do a 5k. A 10k... I'm not too sure, but this upcoming 10k run will be good. It'll challenge me and test my endurance =)

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chaka said...

I heard they also kill all male chicks by throwing them into a grinder... there was some undercover reporter that filmed it...

Anyways, good luck training for 10k!