Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home is for the lazy

I swear everytime I go home to NJ, I never ever get any work done! Something about home makes me just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy my sweet time. This is not good when you have loads of work to accomplish!!

Lucky for me, I get to go back to my apartment in the city this afternoon (sigh). Once I go back to the city, reality hits me again, and I realize that I can't just be a lazy bum. Plus finals are just around the corner!! Crunchtime baby! Keep my eye on the prize~

Oof, my legs are so sore. This week, I focused on increasing my mileage. I went from 3 miles on Monday to 7.5 miles today! I don't think I should've done that actually... because my leg muscles didn't get to rest and repair themselves. But tomorrow will be my rest day, and I'm slowly going to begin tapering for my 10K run next Sunday!! I'm really excited for the run, but I'm nervous about the hills too. I didn't get to hill-train that much; today on my run, I added some hills, and they killed me. It took all my strength to keep going and not stop, even though I wanted to sooo badly.

So, like I said, I ran 7.5 miles today. I've been noticing on my runs that the first 2-3 miles are rough for me, in the sense that I am aware of my legs being stiff and I get tired, but once I pass the 3rd mile, I suddenly get this extra energy that makes me run a little faster and feel good. It's like my body knows when the run is halfway over!! My goal was to run the 7 miles in an hour, and I ran the total course in 75 minutes. Not too shabby I suppose. 7.5 miles in 1 hr 15 min. I think I can do better next time though! =)

Pre-run meal: 1/2 bagel with cream cheese and jelly, 3 wheat roll crackers with jam and butter, 1 cup of orange juice

Post-run meal/ lunch: 1 bowl of Swiss muesli and jam with skim milk, a lot of leftover mac 'n cheese pasta, 2 clementines

I love to fuel my body! See you all later!


Young said...

Have you tried laying down and propping your legs parallel to a wall? It's a quick fix for tired legs - gets the lactic acid flowing out of your legs.

Nonetheless, sounds like a great week of work!

jenso said...

your progress makes me feel excited! hopefully your legs will get enough rest today!!!! :-) yay HM, you're doing grrreat!

Mark Lee said...

you sure motivated me to train myself too!in high school it was so easy training and running everyday after school, but without a coach and constant yelling from the coach, it's pretty hard to push oneself. oh and this is my very first comment on any blog ever! so feel special hemmy!