Friday, November 20, 2009


Good Morning!
The sun is shining and bright... perfect day to run outside!

After a not-so-good week, especially the last couple of days, I am so glad it's Friday and extremely happy that I don't have classes until December! It is a most needed break for me... a good time to step back, think, and focus on what is necessary.

My week was horrible this week, with work just being bad and my concentration to study being limited. I was wondering why... and I just realized that I haven't been spending enough time with God. If anything, my mind was so focused on school and other things... God > all the things in this world. He knows what's best, so I don't know why I decided to not turn to Him.

Thank God that God is always still faithful and He is patiently waiting for us to turn back to Him. I am currently reading Deuteronomy, and it's so crazy to read about all the rules that the Israelites had to follow. There are so many specific rules that I wouldn't have guessed to be even mentioned. And then the punishment for breaking a lot of these rules is death.

Reading Deuteronomy makes me so thankful that God sent Jesus to die for our sins. Seriously, Jesus took away my punishment of death, hurrah!

Anyways, lots to pray about and think about during my run for this morning. I am attempting to run 5 miles and towards Grand Central Station. Wish me luck!!

Breakfast before run: 1 medium banana with peanut butter (yum~)

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