Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mid-November already?

The month of November seems to be flying! It's going by way too quickly. Can we stall time a bit please??? Next thing I know, it's going to be December with Christmas coming, not Thanksgiving!

This week is Monica's birthday so I'm super excited because it's just another reason to celebrate! I can't wait for her birthday dinner at PJ Clarke's and then her party on the weekend. It'll be a good way to relax after a busy busy week (as usual)!

I've been spending so much money this month so my groceries for this week were light. I just bought some steelcut oats to make yummy oatmeal, skim milk, organic baby carrots, cilantro and jalapeno hummus, and nonfat french vanilla yogurt. Yum! I still have some eggs and pork belly left over, and my mom got me some muesli, so I think I'll be fine in terms of food. I'll just have to eat lots of oatmeal and muesli, but that's fine with me. It'll make my meal at PJ Clarke all the more worth it =)

Running is a lifestyle for me now. It doesn't take much to get out the door and start running, but I do need to push myself a little harder so I can improve my speed! Ah!

Tomorrow's attempt run:
I'm excited!!!

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