Saturday, October 25, 2008

Personal Style

I love just watching people. I know that sounds creepy, but I mean it in the non-creepiest way possible.

I don't get to do this so much now, but I used to just love sitting in coffee shops with my mom and watch people pass by. I love to just imagine what they might be thinking about, and create all these crazy stories about their lives. It was really quite entertaining hahaha.

More than anything though, nowadays I love to look at what people wear and see how they inject their own personalities and flairs into their clothes. It's really interesting how so many trends can be in style, and see how people use these trends to build their own personal styles. Sometimes, I see someone wearing this crazy outfit, and I'm like wow, I would never be able to wear that. Or, I think what that person is wearing is silly. But seriously, come on, who am I to say that? What a person wears is usually a good key to his identity. I'm sure some poeple think what I wear is ridic, and maybe so haha. WHATEVER! I wear what I wanna wear. And I dress so that I'm comfortable, not to please~

I love the simplicity of this outfit. The fact that it seems effortless to put together makes the outfit 10x better. I'm not a huge fan of tight clothing, so I'm really digging the looseness of the shirt and the baggy pants. The slight droopiness of the pants definitely adds a more casual feel to the normal menswear business pants. And of course, who can go wrong with white on black? So simple and chic~
I'm not really sure if I could ever pull this outfit off, but I really like it for some reason. Even though the outfit seems really complicated with the plaid over the fur vest, I personally think it still works because the black belt around the fur vest ties in the whole black theme from the undershirt, leggings, booties, and bag. I really want a fur vest. I'm honestly not an animal killer but I just want a faux fur jacket or something haha.
I LOVE this outfit. I love outfits that just come together naturally without it looking like you tried so hard. She's just wearing denim shorts and a simple tee shirt, but adding the white fur vest just brings the outfit to a whole new level. Plus, the black ankle boots make the outfit seem less casual than it originally would be. AND I like how she stands out in a sea of black. I love standing out~
I think you can really start to get a feel of what I like after seeing these pictures. I love to layer, so of course I am immediately drawn to this outfit as well. The whole "baggy, just throw on what you have" concept just really appeals to me. Probably because I'm lazy. But I love how her graphic long teeshirt over her shiny spandex leggings and throwing on a long black cardigan just really work together. And those boots! Man, those boots add a definite statment about her. It's like a "I'm a tough chick" kind of message~

I love fashion in the sense of seeing how people work with it. I'm not really good at like seeing what the next trends are or anything like that, but I am growing to love more and more just eclectic and personal style!

(Images all from The Sartorialist)

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