Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why customers need to learn some manners

Like my angry face?? %$%#$!@#@#!!

This entry's dedicated to all those customers at work who decided that the store is their personal closet and that it's okay to just throw all the clothes around and not put them back in the right places or even on the hangers. I'd totally just shout out a million censored phrases right now, but I'm wayyyy too polite and nice to do such a thing... riight.

Geez though, seriously, work today sucked because of three reasons: we're really understaffed, it's the week before halloween (aka everyone is searching for costumes), and customers decided to be really rude with all the clothes they touched! It's like there's no such thing as common courtesy anymore!!! Things were all over the place. At one point, I had to take over fitting room because the girl who was there went off on break, and at that moment, stock decides to bombard us with all these clothes. And I had to do all this myself. Because there was no one else on the floor besides the cashier. Me plus a gazillion clothes... and five more hours before my shift was done. Talk about a whammer.

My shift ended nicely though because Monica and Hannah surprised me with a visit at the store! Yup, my roommates are way better than yours. They visited ME at WORK. I was so shocked, and the whole store definitely knew because I yelled out, "Oh my God" as soon as I realized it was them. Way for me to be subtle... It was unfortunate though because I was busy edging, so I couldn't talk to them much.

So my workout for today, I just went for a run twice around the inner parts of Stuytown, but tomorrow morning, I believe I'll try running the perimeter of the whole neighborhood. I mapped it out on gmaps ped, and it says it's around 2.6 miles. Perfect for my 5K training! I can't wait to sign up and run in the race!!! Future goal... half marathon. But it sounds way too daunting right now.

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