Thursday, October 22, 2009

5.524 miles baby!!

Whooooo!!! I feel badass because I just completed a 5.524 mile run baby! I looped around the Stuytown complex twice, and it didn't feel even that difficult for me. Bring it on, 5k run! I'm totally ready to kick this thing in the butt. Definitely the key for a good run for me is to have enough energy, which means I have to eat mad carbs at least 8 hours beforehand. Otherwise, it's a no-go. I still definitely struggle with how much I have to eat and the diet I should have for my body, but at least I get to experiment. I know for sure though that when I eat less throughout the days (aka small meals), then I tend to binge-eat later at night. So no more small portions, but I'll try to find that right meal size for my body.

Time for my classes, eek!

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chaka said...

dang, 5.5 miles... good job! haha, you should see how much i've been eating lately... badddd news