Friday, October 16, 2009

Cafe Orlin

So my favorite meal of the day is breakfast/ brunch. Nothing beats eating after a good night sleep!! Not that I slept very long... I did come back home from watching Where the Wild Things Are around 2:30 AM. Still, waking up early is usually no biggie for me. I know, I've been so graciously blessed by God- to be given the talent to wake up and go to sleep easily hehehe.

Today I had a brunch date with the lovely Grace Han at Cafe Orlin, located on St. Marks Pl, between 1st and 2nd Ave. I was super duper excited because first of all, I haven't eaten out in the longest time (I've been so good eating at home or brownbagging it!) and secondly, it's BRUNCH, only my favorite meal of the day!!!

Because I was so excited for this brunch date (and plus so hungry last night after I came back from the movies), I had already studied the menu and figured out what I was going to get. Sigh, the power that food has over me...

Anyways, back to BRUNCH at CAFE ORLIN. Cafe Orlin is this cute restaurant that I always walked by whenever I went to campus. I always saw a lot of people in there, so naturally, being the follower that I am, it piqued my interest. A lot of people? It must be good. The reviews on menupages were quite good for Cafe Orlin too, which only made me want to try its food even more. So when Grace and I decided to get brunch, I obviously suggested this place!

I got the salmon omelette with dill, cucumber, onion, and cream cheese. Grace ordered the fontina cheese omelette with tomato and spinach. And all omelette dishes came with homefries, rye toast, and salad. Talk about a hearty meal :P

My delicious omelette!!

My salmon omelette was exactly what I wanted to eat. It really tastes like lox: yummy, scrumptious, delicious, creamy lox! Mhmm, writing about it is just making me want it all over again. The only complaint I would have is that there definitely was not enough filling within the omelette. Towards the edges, it was only egg. The homefries, rye toast, and salad added a nice accompaniment to the meal. The portion size of the omelette wasn't ridiculous, but just perfect.

I think you have to be careful about what you order though, because Grace's omelette was good, but in my opinion, I would want something with more flavor. Maybe the cheese should have been stronger to make the omelette stand out more. All I know is, my dish was good, and I definitely am coming back!

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