Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here's huge news for all you foodies out there-

Butter Lane cupcakes is coming to the East Village. No more having to travel all the way to the west side for some Magnolia's or Billy's. Just hop over to E. 7th St between 1st Ave and Ave A for some delicious, first-quality cupcakes. Butter Lane cupcakes are known to be the "better cupcake" for very good reasons: they use pure, organic ingredients (butter, eggs, milk) and use less sugar in the icing, giving the whole cupcake more natural flavor. No artificial coloring, no trans-fat, no fake stuff period. Just the real, good stuff. You'll be able to taste the difference in your first bite!

Butter Lane noticed that cupcakes from other places like Magnolia's or Crumbs have just as good cupcakes but the icing ends up being too sweet. That's why Butter Lane is devoted to making cupcakes that will satisfy our sweet tooths but make sure we don't suffer from sugar overload afterwards.

Check out the grand opening MONDAY!!!!!


ooyeoj said...

wow your sales pitch for butterlane cupcakes sounds mad professional. almost as if you copy and pasted from the website- it literally makes butterlane sound mad good

unless you actually did copy and paste from the website

Hmkim said...

ew way to totally insult! lol, those are my OWN words!!! @.@