Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Everyone is turning 21 these days. It's so weird. Why are we all growing up!??!? @.@

At the same time though, it's pretty exciting, and it's cool to see how we blend in with the twenty's crowd now. We don't look like we're out of place in trendy restaurants or anything~ 

Anyways, this time, we celebrated Monica's 21st birthday dinner at Aquagrill! 

Part of the crowd with the birthday girl =)

 The birthday girl looking all pretty and coquettish~!

Some awesome people in my life :D

Food that people ordered:

This is the truffle-crusted cod with mushroom ravioli. I had a bite of this, and it was soooo good. The fish meat was buttery and full of flavor~
Kat ordered the bouillabaisse hahaha. Even though it was soup, it was good nonetheless! The soup was rich and flavorful. REALLY flavorful.
And this was my deliciousss seared sea scallops with creamy lobster meat risotto and string beans. So succulent, SO rich, SO YUMMY!


Aquagrill said...

Hello "Manna from The Sky"!
Somehow your blog got forwarded to me and I want to thank you for the kind words about my restaurant, Aquagrill. I am thrilled that your friend's 21st brithday dinner was celebrated at Aquagrill. Good luck attaining your professional desires in the culinary world, and continued happy dining! Jennifer Marshall

gh said...

lol what the heck??? is that true

chaka said...

woah hyemyung you're getting famous! haha you do make the food sound mad good though, good job!