Thursday, September 25, 2008

Look to the One above

I've been eating out so much, but failing either to take pictures OR upload them onto my macbook. I WILL prevail though and make sure I update before I go off on the NYU KCCC retreat! 

Oh, and thank you Chaka for recommending these sermons! Pastor Mark Driscoll IS funny hahaha; I didn't believe you when you told me. Everyone listen and take heed~

And also, Pastor Jacob's sermons from VisioDei are really good too- I'm on the "faith" series right now. 

Meanwhile, for those who are dropping by, I have some prayer requests:
-for my small group girls- that God is preparing their hearts for this upcoming retreat, that their hearts will be open and ears will be attentive to His word, that they may recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit, that they will commit to Him and take their faith into action
-for myself- that I may not focus on the details but really remember why I do things and who I do it for, that I will continue to seek His word, that I don't get burnt out, that I will be productive with the time He gives me

1 comment:

chaka said...

heyy! its good to know that you're listening to sermons and learning from them!! hope god really works in your life and matures u as an awesome biblical woman! haha, and will do with the prayers, i hope god fills u with faith :)