Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I slept at 4 A.M. last night, and I woke up way too early for my liking. I can't go back to sleep, so here I am, looking at my amateur food blog, wondering what to write and express. I'm so tired, but the thoughts in my head are running wildly around in my head. Seriously, my mind has a life of its own, and I can't control it sometimes. That's what you get for having an active imagination. 

I need to start my food blog seriously. I believe blogs are the next new form of media to provide information to the mass public. Come on, internet plus networking plus awesome photography and clear, everyday lingo? Blogs are the future. 

I want to be big, real BIG, in the blog industry. I want this blog to detail not only my life but the foods I eat and cook. So, what does this all mean? This means that I need to stop being lazy and start writing!!! 

So, even though it's currently 10 A.M. and I only had four and a half hours of sleep, I will share some of the cravings that I've been having:

-ICE CREAM- Ice cream, ice cream, and ice cream. Need I say it again? I'm not a huge sweets fan, but I seriously scream for some ice cream. Last night, I finally got some, but it wasn't quite the flavor I wanted. At this ice cream mini-store called All Mixed In! (part of a local deli), I got this flavor called Peanut Butter Caramel Cookie Dough. It sounded amazing, but the flavor was not quite up to par. At first bite, the caramel strikes you as being too strong and the peanut butter flavor is too mild. Now, I'm a huge fan of peanut butter (especially in desserts) so I was disappointed. Plus, there wasn't enough cookie dough and everyone knows cookie dough is the best part!

-American fries- These always seem to be a classic staple. No matter how hard you all try and say you are going to give them up, you just can't! They will always be America's number one consumed form of vegetable. I went to Applebees for the fourth time in my life last night, and I got the fries. I was happy to see that they were the thickly cut ones, so that when you eat them, there is a crispy crunch from the exterior and just enough potato on the inside. I find that McDonalds and Burger King's fries are too skinny and do not have enough poh-tae-toe! =)

Food is good. God is good to give people so many creative ideas! And this is my food entry for today... I'm tired. I'm going to try going back to sleep. 

What do you think- more sleep is necessary, right?

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chaka said...

ahhaha u look like an insomniac in that picture. i really liked your post! the previous one too (that quote is awesome)! best of wishes to your blogging, growth, and school year!!