Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm thinking up potential meals to cook up at the new place. I'm pretty much the "mom" of the apartment right now lol. Grace and Monica go off to their own respective places (work and school), while I'm bumming around until school starts for me next week. I've been cleaning the place, and now I'm thinking, what better way to spend my day than to have a home-cooked meal ready for these girls! Haha, wow, is that total mom status? Last night, I was picking up and cleaning after the lint that I found in their room too haha. It's cool though- I totally don't mind doing any of that stuff =)

OKAY, so potential recipes I'm thinking of...

-stir-fried kimchi and sausage spaghetti
-kimchi jjigae with sausages
-cheese ddukbokgi

Korean food is yukshi the best, I personally think. It practically covers every food group with all the banchan (side dishes) we eat along with our rice and gook (soup)! People who never tried Korean food are missing out man! 


chaka said...

COOK FOR ME TOOO!!!!! :) well, practice on them first, and when u PERFECT it, ill be there!!! nwice!

ooyeoj said...
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ooyeoj said...

yeah freals nothing better than korean food

hey how do you subscribe?

Ferris said...

Awww, living in the new apt sounds like so much fun! :) And those dishes sound SOOO GOOOD :P