Friday, January 2, 2009

I welcome you

Another year has come and gone, and another new year has begun. 

This is my blog, and I'm not gonna pretend or hide any of myself in anyway. When I feel elated, you'll know it; when I'm utterly depressed, you'll know it. Still, even through my ups and downs on this so-called roller coaster of life, I have got my God on my side. I may not realize this at times, and I might sound like a fool, but I'm only momentarily hopeless. 

With that said, I just finished watching Sense and Sensibility, and Marianne reminds me a little of myself: impulsive with little thought to the consequences of her actions or words. Hmm... I feel like I think too much, yet too little at the same time. I am seriously just a walking contradiction as a person. Oy. I still need some sense knocked into me. 

A new year usually brings about resolutions, but I have never been good at keeping those. I have so many desires and wishes, but I lack the impetus to make them happen. This makes me really wonder if I have truly grown as a person- not in terms of spirituality because I have no doubt that God definitely has been blessing me so much- but in terms of humanity. I feel as if I am still innately the same lazy, selfish person. Every day, my indolence starts to disgust me more, but I can't help it. I choose comfort over... I don't know what the latter would be. 

So maybe this year, I shall resolve to be a more active person in all parts of my life. I look forward to where God leads me this year. 

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chaka said...

its gonna be a good year! i can feel it...