Sunday, December 28, 2008

A place full of Temptations

Saturday night, I met up with some of my close friends and other high school kiddos, and we went to Temptations Cafe for dinner. Located in a cute little town called Nyack, NY, Temptations Cafe is the typical American cafe for local residents that one tends to find in small towns. It's quaintly decorated with all American classic decorations like the small coffee shop tables, dim lights, and Candy Land board games, tea boxes, and a whole array of candies displayed along a bookcase. 

Though the cafe is known more for desserts, I opted for a meal, choosing the "American in Paris" sandwich, which comprised of smoked turkey, melted brie, and sliced granny smith apples on French bread. It came with a side of hand-cut sweet potato fries. The meal was simple, yet satisfying. The apple and brie combo is always a fave of mine, hitting the note of sweet and savory. The French bread was a surprise because it was shaped like a hero, but the texture of the bread was satisfactory- chewy and soft on the inside. I really liked the huge sliced sweet potato fries as well. They were baked, not fried, and the cooking method really brought out the original taste of the sweet potato. Yum, yum, yum. 

I definitely suggest people to check out Temptations Cafe if they're ever around the Nyack area. =)
Temptations Cafe
80 1/2 Main St. 
Nyack, NY 10960


chaka said...

haha you're such a good food critic! sounds delish

Hmkim said...

merci beaucoup :D

sammmyiammmy said...

what theeee excuse me professional

Eddie said...


your investment in your own transparency to share your thoughts and life with the world via blogger is unexpectedly an encouragement for me to do likewise (not necessarily via blogger which is very unlikely for me personally but in the other ways)--so that I may gradually dispel what you describe as my "mysteriousness".