Sunday, January 4, 2009


Did you ever watch the movie "Pollyanna"? 


It's been a childhood movie of mine, but it's so so good in terms of optimism and personal attitude. Pollyanna is like, the queen of positivity.

Anyways, she is always glad about something, so this year, I'm going to always say something that I'm glad about, so that my heart may become more and more thankful for the things God gives me.

Today, I am so so glad that I went to soonjang training because God opened my eyes a leeetle more through Young Chae GSN's lil' pep talk. I am also VERY glad that I went to the training because I got to eat pizza! And I was really really craving pizza. Also, I'm glad that I got to help out at the office, however minute my help might have been. And I'm glad that I went to Eddie's place because I got to not only see a suhweet apartment but also got to eat Papa John's pizza AND wings! 


chaka said...

this fits so well with the sermon today from VD! it's meant to be...

Hmkim said...


sammmyiammmy said...

dudddddddde are you still in new jersey? i'm going back to ny today! let's hang out mann... shake shack.