Sunday, June 7, 2009


I always reflect on a movie after I watch it. For instance, yesterday I watched "Away We Go" with Grace, and in conclusion, I have decided that I need a guy who is understanding to my needs and has a giving heart. And I have furthermore concluded that he is going to be John Krasinski. Just kidding! Hahaha.

I borrowed "Happy-Go-Lucky" a couple days ago, and just got around to watching it today. Now, this is a movie that definitely is making me think. It's making me think about my own attitude towards life, how I act with my friends, and what makes me ultimately happy. Watching the way Poppy lives her life definitely is aspiring to me; it makes me want to bring cheeriness to others! I might sound silly, but ey, I hate it when I get so serious and I feel like New York tends to do that to me now and then. It's only when I stay around my childhood friends I get more silly. Now why can't I do that with everyone? It's funny how that changes, doesn't it?

I shouldn't sound so bored all the time. And so indifferent. Geez, I care so much about what people think, or rather, I care so much about how people will feel. I'm human too, I'm an individual too, and I need to definitely also think about myself, no?

And I say, I like spending time with anyone. So please, let's all just drink and be merry!

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Ferris said...

:) happy-go-lucky was so cute... even tho poppy was mad annoying in the beginning... haha.