Monday, May 5, 2008

Initial reaction...

These days, I have been wanting the most simple food: plain white rice with soysauce and butter. It sounds gross, but it is actually extremely satiating and delish! When I tell people about this, their initial reactions are, "Ew, that sounds gross" or "What?" I'm telling you though that it IS not gross and it IS so good.

Sorry, no exact measurements again, but honestly cooking is all about your own eye and judgment. Don't follow what the parents used to say... I totally advocate playing with your food. It's all about trial and error baby! :-)

white rice
butter (at room temperature)

1. Make desired amount of rice.
2. Add about 2~4 teaspoons of butter, depending on whether you want an extremely buttery taste or not and the amount of rice you are eating.
3. Add around 1~2 tablespoons (or more) of soysauce, again depending on how much rice you're eating. There should be enough soysauce to help you mix everything together easily though.
4. Mix butter and soysauce with the rice until everything is fully incorporated. Enjoy!

P.S. You can modify this dish by replacing the butter with sesame seed oil and adding an over easy egg on top of the rice. When you mix all these ingredients together, the yolk of the egg helps to mix the ingredients along with the soysauce and gives you a nice flavor and mouthfeel.


Amanda said...

you are so cut hmkim :]


p.s. i plan on trying all your recipes once i go grocery shopping!

daniel said...

it's also really good if you add a sunny-side up egg and mix it in

we called it "gyuh-lan bap" at original

daniel said...

ok...just read the ps...haha