Saturday, April 19, 2008

The much anticipated trek to Shake Shack

I have been craving a burger from Shake Shack for quite some time now. In fact, it's been a little under a year since my last visit to the burger haven. Just under a year since I first had a taste of the succulent and flavorful burger, the "In-n-Out" burger of the east coast. My memory was quite hazy about the specific flavor of the burger, but all I remember was that it was good, reeeeal good.

I always wheedled to Joe to go to Shake Shack with me, but with the biting wind in New York City, it's been rather difficult for us to make the trek to the burger joint in Madison Square Park. After all, Shake Shack is just a shack with seatings only available outside, exposed to the harsh weather.

Finally though, spring has come to New York City, and I finally convinced Joe to make the pilgrimage. And we did not regret it at all.

Shake Shack is known for its lengthy lines, with people often having to wait typically around 20 to 30 minutes. Last time I wanted the popular burger, I had to wait a little over an hour! Some say it's not worth it at all, and I must admit sometimes, the line does seem quite daunting, but if you're waiting around with a bunch of friends, it's really not so bad. Plus, the wait makes the appeal of the burger that much greater.

Joe got the double cheeseburger while I got the classic shackburger, composed with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and the shack sauce. We both got an order of fries with our entrees.

The shackburger was just as good as I remembered it to be. Juicy, moist, and savory, the ground beef was cooked to perfection. The bun was soft and slightly moist from the shack sauce and added the perfect complement to the juicy beef. The lettuce added a slight crunch to the burger while the tomato released a burst of its juice that gave the shackburger an overall effect of freshness. The shackburger definitely hit the spot.

The fries were perfect with the shackburger. They exhibited that golden yellowness that one often expects for fries, and they tasted just as good as they looked: warm, crunchy, and potato-ey. As someone who likes to crunch on things, it's hard to find fries that give both the crunch factor and lots of potato starch. I hate fries from Burger King or McDonalds because if they're not crunchy, they're too soft with too much potato, or vice versa, they're too crunchy with not enough potato. But these fries from Shack Shack were just amazing. Definitely make sure you get fries with your burger if you ever go visit Shake Shack yourself!

Joe didn't say much about his burger except that it was "pretty good." For someone who often describes food as "It's alright" or "It's okay", I knew that meant the burger definitely satisfied him as well! We both agreed at the end of our meals that Shake Shack handed out some good burgers. I definitely know this is not going to be my last visit!


Ferris said...

HYEMYUNG! i'm so happy you use blogspot :) and this entry REALLY made me wanna try shake shack... even more than i already did. OH MAN!

Amanda said...

haha, i had Shake Shack twice this week ...o.O...